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About Türk Telekom WiFi

Why Türk Telekom WiFi?

It’s free!
Türk Telekom DSL subscribers do not pay for wireless internet when they are outside of home and office. They enjoy the privilege of quality service at no cost.

Large network of hotspots!

Türk Telekom WiFi is everywhere in Turkey with more than 5.000 Wi-Fi HotSpots at the airports, coffee shops, shopping malls, restaurants, retail shops, convention centers and hotels.

It’s fast and secure!

High speed internet lets you download applications, documents and more no matter how big their size without any quota limitations.
* The speed may vary based on several factors such as distance from wireless modem and number of users at a time.

It’s affordable!

Hundreds of Türk Telekom WiFi bonus minutes are awarded to Türk Telekom internet subscribers. For those who have run out of bonus minutes and for non-subscribers, there are service packages at reasonable prices with the comfort of “use as you pay”. No unexpected bills!

As much as you want!

Download files, listen to music, send pictures as much as you want during the minutes you are online.No quota worries!

All you need is a portable computer or a smartphone!

Türk Telekom WiFi does not require any additional device. All you need is a WiFi-enabled portable computer , tablet pc or a smartphone!

Internet for longer!

Does your smartphone run out of battery sooner because of mobile internet connection? With WiFi technology, you can stay connected longer with longer battery time.