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Connection Requirements

1-A WiFi Compatible Device, which is mainly one of the below:

  • Notebooks/Netbooks
  • Smartphonesus
  • Tablets
  • Portable music players
  • Portable game consoles

    Please click for the extended list of Wi-Fi Certified Products

2-A Valid Türk Telekom WiFi Password

Türk Telekom internet Subscribers: You can benefit from your bonus minutes with your Türk Telekom internet username and password or TekŞifre.

Credit Card Customers: You can use Türk Telekom WiFi with the username and password generated by your credit card purchase.

Free Hotspot Visitors :
You can use the username and password sent to your mobile phone once you create a user.

Campaign Users :
You can use the username and password to be sent to your mobile phone with the help of a PIN registration within the scope of a campaign.

3-A Türk Telekom WiFi Hotspot

Click to find a hotspot within thousands of service point in 81 cities of Turkey

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