How Do We Operate? | Türk Telekom WiFi

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How do we operate?

We are always there for you! Since we diligently keep record of Türk Telekom WiFi usage in your location, we have access to the most accurate data for fast trouble shooting in case of any problems with your wireless internet service.

Standard Service

Upon a partnership agreement followed by a site visit during which we inform you about Türk Telekom WiFi service and assess your workplace as a possible hotspot; we install WiFi equipment, operate the service and follow up any issues where necessary.

Since we keep record of your internet connection, it is easy for us to troubleshoot when you have any problems with your wireless service.

We will also provide you with some visual materials such as fliers and inserts during our partnership so your customers are aware that yours is a hotspot and they learn how to use it.

With Türk Telekom WiFi Standart Service, your place becomes a Türk Telekom WiFi hotspot where all Türk Telekom internet subscribers could login to the internet for free with their Türk Telekom WiFi Bonus Minutes or anyone else could easily login by buying Türk Telekom WiFi Minutes via credit card.

Special Installation
Do you want to provide all of your customers with free wireless internet? Do you want to provide your employees with full wireless coverage in the office? And do you want to do all these with a reliable service partner and keep all internet access under control? For special projects, please contact us to learn about the best option for your wireless internet needs.