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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Türk Telekom WiFi Nerede? application?

You can find the nearest Türk Telekom WiFi Hotspots or Hotspots whereever you go by Türk Telekom WiFi Nerede? application.
It is also possible to;

  • See Türk Telekom WiFi HotSpots by ‘Augmented Reality’ technology,
  • Learn how to go to the HotSpot you want by car or walk,
  • Automatically connect to internet by clicking ‘Connect’ button after you save your Single Sign On credentials if you are a Türk Telekom subscriber ,
  • If you are not a Türk Telekom subscriber, you may connect internet automatically by buying a package and creating your own credentials,
  • Using the application offline,
  • Benefit from the special campaings and discounts,
  • Buy Türk Telekom WiFi packages,
  • Share your location with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Do I have to pay to download the application?

It’s free to download the application from Android Market and App Store.

Which devices are compatible with Türk Telekom WiFi Nerede? application?

Türk Telekom WiFi Nerede? Android version requires Android 2.2 or later and iOS version requires iOS 5.0 or later. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices are compatible. The app. is optimized for iPhone 5.

What is the difference between the current Türk Telekom WiFi application in App. Store? Are there new and developed features?

Yes, WiFi Nerede? is much more user friendly and functional with brand new and developed features. In addition to finding the nearest WiFi HotSpots, you can view them by Augmented Reality technology, you can automatically connect to internet if you are a Türk Telekom subscriber and you can use the application offline once you download it to your device.
Also, you can benefit from discounts and campaings exclusive to the application.

How does automatic connect feature works?

Türk Telekom Users;

1. Be sure that you are at a Türk Telekom WiFi HotSpot
2. Open Wi-Fi feature of your device
3. Type your Türk Telekom Single Sign On (Türk Telekom TekŞifre) credentials under Türk Telekom Users section of ‘Connect’ menu
4. Accept the Internet User Agreement
5. Click Connect

Once you type your credentials, you will connect automatically to Türk Telekom WiFi when you click Connect.

Other Users;

After the first two steps above, type your user credentials that you create, when you were buying a Türk Telekom WiFi package. Then accept the Internet User Agreement and click Connect.

How can I buy WiFi package inside the application?

Select the package you want to buy from the ‘Buy’ menu. Click ‘Send’ to the SMS. Every SMS you send will be charged 0.5 TL including taxes to your cellphone bill. Information messages you receive are free of charge.

Does the application work when I’m not connected to internet?

Yes, you can use the application offline once you download it to your device.