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About Türk Telekom WiFi

What is Türk Telekom WiFi?

Türk Telekom WiFi is a wireless broadband internet service available at thousands of hotspots when you are away from home and office.

Now you can enjoy fast, secure and affordable wireless internet at several locations in the heart of life; from airports and marinas to cafes, restaurants and more.

You can easily get online with your WiFi-ready portable computer or smartphone at thousands of Türk Telekom WiFi Hotspots with no additional device.

Thanks to Türk Telekom WiFi , you can enjoy wireless internet out of home and office without any quota limitations. Surprise bills are history with Türk Telekom WiFi ’s affordable wireless internet service.

See how many bonus minutes you have.

*Türk Telekom WiFi Bonus Minutes
Bonus minutes are awarded to Türk Telekom internet subscribers only. Türk Telekom internet subscribers can use Türk Telekom WiFi free of charge from 300 minutes to 1800 minutes based on their package type.