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Türk Telekom WiFi Abroad

How do you connect?

You don’t need to avoid internet connection when you are abroad!
Because Türk Telekom WiFi Abroad will take hold of you in one of a million hotspots in over 100 countries.

Internet connection is available at countless locations while you are resting at a hotel, drinking your esspresso at a coffee shop or waiting for your flight at the airport. Türk Telekom WiFi

Abroad users fall behind of neither work nor fun!

You might be wondering where to find the available Wi-Fi hotspots abroad. Or more importantly where to find the required program to download for connection.

Right now click on the link below and learn where you can get online with Türk Telekom WiFi Abroad. The biggest WiFi operators in the world are at your disposal thanks to the cooperation with iPass.
Finally, you can find the necessary files and step by step installation documents to download the required program. It is advised that you install your iPass software before going abroad.

* For the Windows and Mac OS installations, you don’t need to enter neither Profile ID nor PIN.

  Mac iOS
Iphone/ iPad iOS
Android OS  
Open Mobile connection software
Open Mobile connection software Open Mobile connection software Open Mobile connection software
_ Profile ID: 20072
PIN : Leave blank
Profile ID: 20073
PIN : Leave blank
_ _ Easy User’s Manual
Easy User’s Manual